Protect your @handle like its your!


Remove infringing accounts within 48 hours with our monitoring service.

  • Handle Protection allows brands to whitelist their current @handles and use them as a baseline for identifying bad actors. We then compile a list and score the degree of IP infringement using information on the profile such as their:


Profile Picture


Posts and Comments


  • If we identify any infringement on the profile, our team will then action an account takedown. Keeping your customers protected and helping to establish your brand on the platform.

24/7 Account Takedowns

We proactively issue takedowns on any active infringing accounts whilst counter-squatting on potentially damaging usernames to prevent further infringement. 

AI-Powered Analysis

We identify patterns and trends used to create harmful accounts/usernames.

Profile Image Monitoring

We use advanced profile detection to purge impersonators.

We Scan profile photos for infringments of your brand imagery.

We parse account elements like usernames, bios, links and posts to irradicate harmful accounts.

Our in-house team manually review flagged accounts before issuing takedowns.