API Documentation

API Documentation

Welcome to the Nexus AI API documentation. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on how to integrate and interact with Nexus AI programmatically.

Getting Started

Before you begin, ensure you have:

  • An active Nexus AI account.

  • Generated an API key from the Dashboard.

  • Basic understanding of HTTP requests.


Learn how to authenticate your requests to the Nexus AI API using your API key. Review the Authentication Guide for details on including the key in your requests.

Making Requests

Explore the various endpoints and methods available in the Nexus AI API. From content generation to data retrieval, the API Endpoints section outlines the functionalities you can leverage.

Request Examples

Find practical examples of API requests in different programming languages. These examples provide a hands-on approach to implementing Nexus AI in your applications.

Response Formats

Understand the formats in which Nexus AI delivers responses. The Response Formats section details the structure of responses and how to interpret them.

Rate Limiting

Review the rate limits imposed on API requests to ensure optimal performance. Learn how to handle rate limit errors and manage your API usage effectively.

Error Handling

Explore common errors and how to troubleshoot them. The Error Handling section provides insights into diagnosing and resolving issues.

Libraries and SDKs

For enhanced integration, check out our Libraries and SDKs available in popular programming languages. These resources simplify the integration process.

Release Notes

Stay updated with the latest improvements and changes to the Nexus AI API. The Release Notes provide a comprehensive overview of updates.

Whether you're building a custom application, integrating Nexus AI into your workflow, or experimenting with AI capabilities, this API documentation is your key resource. If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Support Team.

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